The most common question I get asked after one of my workshops or retreats is this….”how do I stay supported on this new path that has opened up for me?”

Anytime we learn something new or take in information that is a paradigm shift for us, we feel enlightened and energized.

  • We might see a new answer to an old problem, or a new way to let go of an old resentment or hurt.
  • We might be inspired to start something new, or to take steps to realize a dream or longing. 
  • We might be challenged to begin to speak our truth and show up more authentically in our most important relationships.

But what I often hear from my group participants is that after a time those new learnings begin to fade into the background, and the old patterns and behaviors sneak back into our lives.

Most of us need a continued reminder and often a support team to encourage and engage with us as we practice our newly emerging awareness and cultivate the new practices we have learned that support our new path and growth.


My 10 Month, Guided, Living Brave Support Group

Designed especially for those of you who have participated in one of my workshops, retreats or online programs based on the work of Dr. Brené Brown. 

We’ll encourage each other to take those next steps. We’ll remind each other of the concepts and practices that support living brave and rising strong and learning to live, love, parent and lead with our “whole-hearts”. We’ll inspire each other as we share our stories of struggle and triumph on our journey to whole-heartedness.

Facilitated by Cynthia Benge, MSW-LMHC, based on the work of Dr. Brené Brown.


Due to the rise of the Delta variant- the women's support group will be virtual (rather than "in-person") until such time as we can meet again without masks.

1.) We will meet in person the first Thursday of the month from 7-9pm via Zoom.

From September 2021 through June 2022.

During each session, I will do a bit of teaching about a particular Guidepost or concept related to Whole-Hearted Living. 

In addition, it will be a time to share our stories of struggle or triumph as we practice living into that month’s guidepost in our daily lives. Learning to live brave and rise strong in the face of disappointments and set-backs. As well as stepping into the places that scare us. And most importantly, encouraging each other to live into our dreams and goals.

2.) You'll get grouped into a 2-3 person accountability pods.

I will divide the group into support pods of 2-3 participants which will change Fall/Winter/Spring.

You can decide to meet in whatever format works for you - email, in-person, text, etc. - to support each other in practicing the guidepost for that month.

3.) Weekly missives with exercises and prompts.

Additionally, I will send you weekly missives inbetween sessions that include exercises, journal prompts, and suggestions for practicing that particular guidepost as well.

These are designed to help you strengthen each Guidepost and make them practical in your daily life.

As Brené says- Whole-Hearted Living is not a destination- it is a journey. Won’t you join me on that journey?

This course is closed for enrollment.